Paperback Freud is a five piece rock’n’roll machine that lives and breathes classic hard rock. With a notorious explosive live show and one simple vision:
to make the best damn rock’n’roll ever!

Paperback Freud have been delivering the goods since 2002 and done uncountable shows on the Swedish club scene. They’ve toured and played festivals all over Europe and Russia.

2003 the band was rewarded with a track on the album with the greatest live bands that ever played at the famous Club Nirvana in Stockholm.

Demos were made and the video for the song `KATE´ was their first hit and charted as number 3 on MTV Up North during the spring 2004.

The rumor spread about the live shows and the bands delivering of classic hard rock. The material sounded new and fresh despite the obvious homage to classic rock bands. As the first band to play live in the studio at the radio station `Rockklassiker´ in Stockholm and shows at rock cruises and live radio gigs, they got recognized by the record company Plugged Records and was signed to their hard rock label: Plug Or Die. 

2004 during fall they played gigs with bands like: Nazareth, Dark Funeral, Girlschool, Meldrum, Mustasch, etc.

2005 they went in to the studio and kept on playing clubs and toured Russia while recording their debut album `ROLLER´

2006 the release of the album in April got great reviews all over the world and the band was offered one of the headlining spots at Swedish Metal Expo. During the fall further club dates was made.

2007 they played summer festivals in Norway and France with bands like: Sebastian Bach, Sabaton, Jorn, Camelot, Crucified Barbara.

2008 the band signed a deal with French record label Longfellow Deeds Records that had previously worked with the Swedish bands Thunder Express, TSOOL, Sparzanza and Dollhouse.

2009 the second album `All in a day’s work´ was released in Europe and the US. The album got really good reviews on both sides of the Atlantic and was followed by touring in France.

2010 the band went on tour during the fall to support the classic band UFO on their Swedish leg of the world tour and started to write new material for the upcoming album.

2011 the band spent the year in the studio except for summer festival in Stockholm.

2012 With their new album `Hard Rock City´ Paperback Freud once again teamed up with French label Longfellow Deeds Records The album was first released on the French market as a vinyl exclusive on Record Store Day (April 21), this was followed by the CD release on June 21.

`Hard Rock City´ was recorded in Paperback Freud’s own studio in central Stockholm. Together with their long time recording partner Jo E they set out to catch that big and true sound of Paperback Freud. The result is an 11 track classic hard rock album with everything from larger-than-life rock anthems to riff based high speed rock’n’roll.

Hard Rock City facts:
Written, preformed, composed, arranged and recorded by Paperback Freud
Mixed and produced by Paperback Freud and Jo E
Mastered by Peter In De Betou at Tailor Maid
Label: Longfellow Deeds Records
Released: In France on vinyl and CD. Further markets and download t.b.a.
Number of tracks: 11 (12 on the vinyl release – bonus track “Song for the wicked”)

Hard Rock City vinyl:
Bonus track (Song for the wicked – exclusive for the vinyl release)
Double vinyl
Gatefold cover
Printed inner sleeves
250 copies in orange vinyl
50 copies in black vinyl.

Paperback Freud discography:

Hard rock city (2012). Label: Longfellow Deeds Records.
All in a day’s work (2009). Label: Longfellow Deeds Records.
Roller (2006). Label: Plug or Die (Plugged).