New video in the makin’

On the 6th of June PF will start the production and recording of their new video. Release date is not set yet but we’ll keep ya posted. Check back for some behind-the-scenes photos and videos.

Update – 2nd session
We’ve just finished the last set of the recording of the new video. 5 locations in one day – from the gravel pit to the office in just under 14 hours… Now we’ll get in to the post-production and get busy with getting this video finished. A big shout out to all the people involved in this process – this wouldn’t be possible without you – thanks!

Update – 1st session
So the first day of the recording of the new video is done. Smooth as hell is a captive description of the process so far. Mr Murphy kept his sticky little fingers out of the process and we got loads of awesome material.

Rebuilding and updating the site

We’ve been tinkering and tailoring for the last week and the new site is taking shape.

We’ll add, remove, change and update stuff for the coming weeks but have a look around while you’re here. We’ve added some new band images (more will come), added some video material and updated the discography.

If you have any pics or videos of PF – don’t hesitate to contact us or send them over.